Shamir Lens Product Range

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1. Shamir Relax(Life Improvement Lenses):With the ever-increasing use of digital screens, whether at work or leisure, our eyes are constantly subjected to the demanding task of repeated close viewing, requiring repeated accommodation. Especially when combined with long work hours, this prolonged accommodative effort can lead to tiredness, tearing or dry eyes, headache and blurry vision.When combined with a Shamir solution for minimizing the harmful effects of blue light, it offers comprehensive protection for the digital age and gives your eyes the relief they need.

2.Shamir Duo(Life Improvement Lenses):Looks matter, and so does visual comfort. Everyone likes to look their best, including patients who choose to wear bifocals. The visible line across flat-top bifocals, generally seen as an age marker, gives the lens an undesirable look. At the same time it compromises visual comfort by creating a disturbing image jump. Addressing these issues, Shamir has developed Shamir Duo, a new generation of bifocal lenses that provides a more aesthetically appealing solution improving the way the wearer looks, as well as the way they see.

3.Shamir Computer & WorkSpace:(Occupational Lenses):Advanced Freeform lens with special optical design for focus on the computer screen and the close working environment
Customized to varied work needs
Shamir Computer: Excellent vision for close tasks with an optimal depth of field up to 1.5m

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