Full Rim

Full rim eyeglasses come with lenses fully outlined with a metal or plastic frame. Full rim eyeglasses are the best type of frames to highlight those beautiful eyes! Nothing grabs attention more than a full-bodied look.

Full rim eyeglasses are also the sturdiest out of the three frame types. It can withstand frequent accidental drops which is ideal for people with inclination to sports or just anybody with a motor lifestyle. Parents are also advised to get their kids full rim eyeglasses because of the exact same reason.

Full rim eyeglasses can also accommodate large and thick lenses. Half rim and rimless eyeglasses would not be able to handle these lenses because of their lightweight structure.

One small problem with full rim eyeglasses is that they tend to be a little heavier than half rim and rimless eyeglasses, but it should not be a big deal for those who don’t mind the extra weight.

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Showing 1–12 of 342 results